Get ready for summer with solar!



Step away from the farm this summer, and ensure stock have constant access to water with ePump.

The self-sufficient, reliable pump delivers peace of mind, with a set and forget system giving farmers more freedom, especially over dry summer months.

A NIWA seasonal climate outlook for October through December 2017, shows there is  a 60 per cent chance temperatures will be above average in both the North and South Islands. With warmer weather on the way, it is the perfect time to think about combatting dry conditions and stock water restrictions in isolated areas of farmland.

The appeal of ePump is a combination of one-off cost, low maintenance, security and reliability for farmers. Where diesel pumps require constant checks, and re-fuelling, the ePump continues to drip feed water, thanks to the power of the sun.

“It just gets the job done, and is constantly topping up, without any input from me,” CHB farmer Simon Wilson said.

This makes it valuable asset for farmers covering large areas, including Te Apiti Farm Manager Richard Scott. An ePump has been installed on the property, located on the coast of the North Island, since 2015. The site presents a dynamic, often challenging landscape, with 11,000 stock units on 1,250ha.

“Without water, stock can’t survive. The ePump allows us to get water to an area that otherwise wouldn’t have water,” he said.

Low level  maintenance means Kereru Farmer Stu Harper is able to lift stocking rates and be more productive, while saving time.

“It’s a lot easier to manage the farm because you aren’t worrying about water all the time.

“I service it every 12 months as I do with any pump and have replaced the brushes and leathers on it, but that’s all. It’s great.”

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